Watson Awarded “Deming Medal” By Japanese Quality Leaders

Tokyo, Japan – 11 November 2009:

Gregory H. Watson, Chairman of Business Excellence Solutions, Ltd. and President of the International Academy for Quality, was awarded the first Deming Medal ever presented to a non-Japanese individual. The Deming Distinguished Service Award for Promotion and Dissemination (Overseas) was created by the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (JUSE,  www.juse.or.ja) to recognize individuals from outside Japan who have made significant quality contributions. Mr. Watson was cited for “his outstanding contributions to disseminate and promote the global presence of Total Quality Management (TQM) as developed in Japan by serving as a bridge between Japan and the West.”

The Deming Medal was presented to Mr. Watson at the Keidanren Hall in Tokyo by Mr. Fujio Mitarai, Chairman of JUSE as well as President and Chief Executive Officer of Canon, Inc. Also attending the ceremony to represent the Japanese government was Tatsuo Kawabata, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology.

In describing the scope of Mr. Watson’s work JUSE cited his thought leadership in benchmarking, hoshin kanri, and innovative quality applications at Nokia Mobile Phones and Toshiba as part of the justification for the award. In 2001, Mr. Watson had delivered a series of quality lectures to JUSE to honor the 50th anniversary of the original lectures delivered by Dr. W. Edwards Deming. The subject of Mr. Watson’s lecture was “The Distinction between Six Sigma and Japanese Style TQM.” This was time a first public lecture was delivered in Japan on the subject of Six Sigma. At that time, Mr. Watson had just completed an eighteen month consulting assignment with Toshiba to assist in its implementation of Management Innovation, a customized version of the Six Sigma methodology that is used for business improvement.

Business Excellence Solutions, Ltd. is a management consulting firm headquartered in Espoo, Finland and specializing in the application of industrial engineering, statistical analysis, and quality management practices for improving strategic and operational improvement of organizations.


Mr. Gregory H. Watson is seated on the front row at right among the recipients and presenters of the Deming Prizes for 2009.

Mr. Gregory H. Watson is presented the W. Edwards Deming Medal by Mr. Fujio Mitarai, Chairman of the Deming Prize Committee.


The W. Edwards Deming Medal.